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Consistency is what matters the most.

SethGodin. This guy always fires me up with his wisdom! An old video, but still relevant and full of good marketing and life advice to reflect on over the week!

  • 👉 The value of patience — work towards the place of relevance patiently. Do not try to overcome your fears by creating urgency!

  • 👉 Attention is an asset — people buy from you only because they are aware of you AND trust you.

  • 👉 Culture beats the truth, so work out the culture of the tribe you’re talking to.

  • 👉 There is no such thing as authenticity. We’re all faking it from the moment we’re out of our diapers. It’s our “consistent” self that is more important and valuable.

  • 👉 Embrace the linchpins that want to work with you, not for you. The org of the future won’t have many people, so you need people who are restless enough that when you don’t treat them right, they will leave. Isn’t it better to surround yourself with people who are so great you would miss them when they’re gone?

  • 👉 Resistance (my favourite one!) is the symptom that you are on the right track! Resistance gives you writer’s block and makes you change 5x before a date. When that alarm goes on, that light tells you you are facing the right direction. You are afraid that something that matters to you might not work out. And that is what it means to be remarkable, and a linchpin. Use this nervousness as a compass, as it almost always points out in the direction we are to be going!

Stay well and…consistent 🖖


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