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The advertising industry and ads themselves have always been in my sweet spot. I started my digital career in Microsoft Advertising. Although on the sales operations sidelines i.e. perhaps, not as thrilling as the creative and agency side, I had the privilege to experience the growing pains of online advertising. From the birth of Microsoft AdCenter to the thrills of online budgets almost catching up with the TV spend, down to new sales processes and models. Everything was fresh, pioneering and innovative. Have we made much money? Not always. But a new industry was being born.

Now, the then-account managers lead some of the biggest global digital organisations. Are they still as innovative and nimble? After recently talking to a few of them, I hear they have no choice but to innovate. “During challenging economic times, innovation can be the difference between survival and downfall”.

As the marketing and advertising budgets are the first ones being cut when the tough gets going, advertising agencies and their clients must therefore innovate and find the most cost-efficient ways to deliver returns on what, in many cases, are diminishing investments. It could include harnessing methods that adjust the tone of ad messaging to recession psychology or deliver greater levels of personalisation.

Other techniques, such as generative AI and micro ads with deeper targeting, could be used alongside product labelling with digital IDs or QR codes that link to visual storytelling. And of course, innovative analysis of the first-party data on customers is at the top of everyone’s roadmaps.

And what are your top advertising innovations? Are their tech or creative formats? Are you already in the Metaverse and, perhaps, with an innovative business model or partnership?

If your team would come up with a great innovative idea to save yours and your client’s business, are you set up to take this idea all the way to a successful product launch?

Get in touch with me to assess your readiness to innovate successfully. ...and in the meantime, enjoy one of my favourite ads of all time - Southern Comfort campaign from goodgate productions.


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