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Annie is a master of integrating new ideas into even the least innovative teams. Her passion for innovative ideas, business models and technologies is contagious. And her ability to translate that energy into real-world applications that make sense for an organisation is impressive to see. She’s changed the way I think about innovation.

I worked with Annie on various partnership projects and found her enthusiasm for the digital startup world incredibly infectious. She was always proactive, passionate, but essentially she brought a deep and valuable understanding of emerging technology as it applies to content and enterprise.

Dedicated, innovative and smart, Annie is a real asset. I'm happy to recommend her to anyone as someone who can create and add value to their business in any business area.

Annie Krukowska has almost 20 years of experience leading digital media organisations through strategic and operational transformation. A passionate advocate of innovation and collaboration, Annie has launched and developed numerous ventures, partnerships and digital products, creating value for mature and new businesses across broad global media and entertainment industry sectors. She worked with emerging technologies, innovative business models, and outstanding partnerships. Although she has left the corporate world, her ongoing mission is to help clients grow their businesses by creating products and services that customers want and need.


She is also an experienced corporate speaker, moderator and workshops facilitator on innovation, the future of media and tech, and their impact on our lives. 


For more details, you can find her corporate CV here.  


Whether setting up your first innovation strategy and ecosystem, refreshing your existing products and business models or broadcasting your innovation credentials with curated talks and content, please schedule a free 15 mins call with Annie to discuss your product ideas and business challenges and how we could solve them together. 

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